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Veterans’ Pathway to Business Success (Veterans’ Pathway)
offers Scholarships for education, mentoring, and financial services.  The Scholarship Committee reviews each application to determine a veteran’s eligibility and business model.   This application process focuses on business models with a Unique Value Proposition.  The objective is to create a specific pathway to success for each qualified Veteran Entrepreneur.

The programs include:

Education Programs:

  • CEO Forums: subject matter experts meet and interact with CEOs.
  • CEO Roundtables: Veteran Entrepreneurs join with other CEOs to discuss business opportunities.
  • One-to-One counseling with experts and specialists.


  • Mentors work in teams to offer CEOs a complete complement of experiences and expertise.
  • Mentors assist CEOs with marketing, management, and money models.
  • The focus of business models is on scalability, value propositions, barriers to entry, Intellectual Property, revenue growth, and margins. 
  • Mentors also provide support regarding personal challenges and serve as role models.

Financial Services:

  • Business specialists meet with Veteran CEOs to help refine business models and presentation skills.
  • Veterans’ Pathway sponsors “Shark Tanks” and business competitions providing forums for CEOs to meet qualified investors.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs serve as financial mentors to achieve financial launch.